Twilight Enchantress

Embark on a journey through the bewitching hour with the Twilight Enchantress collection. Each die is a vortex of deep, swirling black, brimming with the luxurious sheen of gold leaf suspended within its heart.

Each time they tumble across the table, they exude an aura of elegance and power, the bright pink numerals flashing like magic piercing through the velvet darkness. These dice are not just game pieces but components for weaving spells and crafting tales that linger long after the game has ended.


1. These are SHARP-EDGE Dice, they are sharp and pointy and if used as a weapon may cause 1d4 damage unless the caltrop d4 is stepped upon in which 10d10 piercing damage will be dealt.

2. Please handle with care.


4. Keep dice away from heat sources; do not leave dice in direct sunlight;

5. do not eat the dice; do not allow children to handle dice without adult supervision.