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Thank you so very much for trusting SimplyEden to make your dice ideas come to life! SimplyEden strives to make your dream dice a reality of the highest quality, and provide a one-on-one experience so that everything is perfect. Whether you know exactly what you want or if you only have a single-word theme, SimplyEden can help guide and create those ideas into dice.

No idea what you want? Not a problem! It would be an honor to have your trust in taking full creative freedom all within your set budget. Be it a single coin to flip for fun, or a top-end character set to roll for your new campaign, your dice will always be made with the same hand-crafted love and care across the board.

To get started with your Custom Order process, please fill out the information below and pay a $15 consultation fee. This fee will be deducted  from the final cost of your Custom Order.

Once your payment is confirmed, our messenger bird will fly your form directly to Eden herself. If you have signified you want your order to be rushed, then she will review your scroll immediately, otherwise you will be placed on the waitlist. When your turn comes, Eden will contact you and begin working with you in making your dice dreams come true.

Thank you again for choosing SimplyEden as your Dicemaker.

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1. These are SHARP-EDGE Dice, they are sharp and pointy and if used as a weapon may cause 1d4 damage unless the caltrop d4 is stepped upon in which 10d10 piercing damage will be dealt.

2. Please handle with care.


4. Keep dice away from heat sources; do not leave dice in direct sunlight;

5. do not eat the dice; do not allow children to handle dice without adult supervision.