Making Waves

Immerse yourself in an oceanic adventure with our Making Waves collection. These dice encapsulate the tranquil beauty of crystallized magical water, swirling with enchanting shades of cerulean blue. As you roll, witness the mesmerizing dance of sparkles within each piece, reminiscent of sunlight glinting off the surface of calm seas.

With lavender numbers contrasting against the azure backdrop, each roll is not just an action but a spectacle. Dive into your next game with a splash of whimsical magic, and let the tides of fate guide your journey.


1. These are SHARP-EDGE Dice, they are sharp and pointy and if used as a weapon may cause 1d4 damage unless the caltrop d4 is stepped upon in which 10d10 piercing damage will be dealt.

2. Please handle with care.


4. Keep dice away from heat sources; do not leave dice in direct sunlight;

5. do not eat the dice; do not allow children to handle dice without adult supervision.